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The Strategy business unit

We help organisations understand how they work, decide what to change, and how to do it.

Strategy team principles #

The principles help to explain how the Strategy Unit works, and what distinguishes Strategy and other dxw business units and teams.

  1. Engage at an earlier stage

    Including strengthening, validating and shaping the project brief.

  2. We understand and solve problems

    Working with users, staff and stakeholders, analysing existing data and information and undertaking new research.

    We’re innovative, and look to the future and help you discover new possibilities.

  3. Enable and guide decision making

    Focusing on evidence and insight, balancing ambition with feasibility, remaining close to users and organisations needs. Making sure what’s created can be measured.

    Helping organisations decide what to do, and why. We can help you to shape and articulate your vision, set goals, form strategies and plans that work.

  4. We’re a delivery focussed strategy team

    Helping organisations achieve genuine change, not just form a plan. Creating the conditions for organisations to deliver, and progress once our input ends.

    We’re pragmatic. Our business analysis function means we’re always thinking about the organisation’s context, its purpose, opportunities and constraints.

  5. Agile and multidisciplinary

    Applying agile practices beyond the design and build of digital services, to other activities such as the creation or plans, strategies and business cases.

    We have strong design skills in our team, and are creative thinkers.

  6. We enable and empower

    Supporting capability building and embedding new ways of working.

    We build upon what organisations do well, rather than starting from scratch or re-inventing the wheel.

  7. Our projects are flexible and diverse

    Project design and style of delivery differs, we may work on a project for a longer and elapsed period or lead shorter term projects.

    We work with a diversity of organisations, large and small, across the public and charity sector.

  8. Setting you up to design and build products or services

    We don’t build products and services in the Strategy Unit, but work in collaboration with other dxw teams that do, and other partner organisations as well.

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)