The Strategy business unit

We create the conditions and in-house capability our clients need to deliver and keep improving great services.

Strategy team principles #

The strategy team apply these principles to our work.

  1. Bring people together to make the right decisions

    We facilitate activities to help organisations make good decisions, prioritise and create the momentum for change.

  2. Focus on impact and sustainable change

    We’re here to create significant long-term change. We won’t get involved if we don’t believe that’s possible.

  3. Question the brief

    Before starting delivery we interrogate the brief to make sure it is clear, realistic and provides the foundation for delivery teams to start work.

  4. Meet organisational goals as well as user needs

    We help organisations clarify their goals and set up the right measures to track performance and progress. So they can deliver better services for the people who need them.

  5. Use methods that work

    We use established methods where we can, or develop new ones where we need to.

  6. Create the conditions to deliver

    We set up teams to deliver and keep improving once we’re gone.