Getting things you need

Anytime you need to order something or experience a problem with your working set up you can find guidance in the Playbook, through a ‘help’ slack channel or from your line manager who can point you in the right direction.

Helpful Slack channels #

  • #help-purchasing: see the guide for equipment purchase and use the purchasing form. Additional questions can be asked through the channel.
  • #help-travel: see the travel and expenses policy first and then use the channel for additional questions.
  • #help-internal-tech-support: for any technical support questions.
  • #help-tools-and-subscriptions: for any questions about the purchase and use of external tools and subscriptions.
  • #help-productive: for any questions about the use of Productive.
  • #help-learning-and-development-ideas: find and share learning and development ideas.
  • #help-learning-and-development-bookings: see the guide for how to get approval and book your L&D.
  • #help-hr-non-confidential: for any non confidential questions about what we provide.

Equipment guidance #

We can support you with your home-office set-up, including things like a desk, monitor and keyboard. Here’s a guide which shows what we can support with.

Claiming expenses #

From time to time, some of us spend our own money at work. Most often, this is things like:

  • Train fares for unexpected travel
  • Refreshments purchased for meetings with clients
  • Stationery/materials, especially for workshops or events

dxw will always pay expenses which are:

  • Necessary: We only expense things we need in order to be able to complete our work.
  • Proportionate: The total expense should be proportionate to the work at hand. In general, we try to avoid spending lots of money. For example, unless you have a good reason, don’t get a cab to a meeting when you could get a train.

Wherever possible, it’s best to check that expenses can be reclaimed before incurring them.

We manage expenses using Xero. For more information about how to do this, see the guide on claiming expenses

Travel and Accommodation Policy #

Currently, the default for everyone in the organisation is working from home.

For this period, we will consider regular travel to an office space without a business critical need as commuting.

Commuting costs are the responsibility of individuals, while dxw will fund business critical travel and accommodation.

A business critical need is defined as:

  • Client meetings
  • Meetings with your line manager (e.g. during probation, monthly check-ins, quarterly reviews, post parental / sick leave)
  • Team meetups (e.g. design community, tech forum, away days, Board meetings)
  • All-staff in-person events
  • Conferences and training events

At present, there is no obligation to attend in-person meetings.

As with all company expenses, please keep in mind that costs should be necessary and proportionate. We rely on everyone to be conscious of the impact of their travel on the environment. If you are able to take public transport, over being driven/driving yourself, please do.

Accommodation will be covered for business-critical events that require overnight stays.

There are guidelines including rates and a list of recommended hotels.

Accommodation should be booked by the individual on a Pleo company debit card or expensed.

Any decision that this policy does not clearly resolve, should be made by the appropriate director.