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Who we are

We’re a leading employee owned digital agency that works with the public sector and charities.

Since 2008, our aim has been to improve people’s lives by working with our clients to design, build, and run digital public services that work for everyone. Ultimately, this means that we’re helping to free up more resources for essential front line services like education, health and social care, housing, welfare, and policing.

Our approach is to add value early and often, rapidly researching, testing, learning, and delivering on time. Wherever we can, we work in the open, sharing our code, and what we’ve learned.

We’re researchers, designers, developers, delivery leads, business analysts, strategists and product and performance specialists. We work in multidisciplinary teams because bringing a diverse mix of skills, expertise and perspectives together leads to better results, and means we can respond quickly to what we’re learning about people’s needs. As well as being digital specialists, we’re also experienced coaches and mentors in the technology sector.

Because we’re employee owned, we have the freedom to choose the work we do and focus on things where we know we can add real value. We’re unique in that we run the company in the best interests of the staff and people who use public services (this is written into our founding documents).

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)