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dxw’s Playbook

This Playbook is our reference for who we are and the way we do things. Something canonical that tells us what the current “right way” to do things is.

If you’re a current or potential client, this Playbook is also for you. To help you understand us and how we can work together.

We continually update the principles and guides in our Playbook. Because we’re always exploring better ways to get things done. What’s written here is the way we do things now. Until we find something better, and write that down.

This Playbook was originally inspired by Thoughtbot’s excellent playbook. Thanks, Thoughtbot!

Updating the Playbook #

This Playbook is a collaborative effort. Anyone at dxw can and should edit it. So if you spot something that’s wrong, feel free to hop in and correct it.

But remember that this Playbook is the result of our conversations about how we should do things, not a substitute for one. So don’t make changes unless they reflect our shared agreement about how things are going to be done.

This document is also public, because there is very little about our process that cannot be open. But there will be some things that should be private. So don’t forget that changes here get published to the world.

To update the Playbook, follow the guide to Contributing to the Playbook and use the dxw tone of voice.

Last updated: 14 June 2024 (history)