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The GovPress business unit

GovPress provides tools and services to support public sector teams to establish and maintain their online presence. By using WordPress, an open-source content management system, GovPress designs and builds tailored websites that meet the specific needs of the public and third sectors. Our websites prioritise accessibility, security, and scalability. They also offer an engaging and user-friendly experience.

Why our work is important #

In a digital world, our clients need to embrace modern technologies to serve their users better.

By putting users at the centre of the design process, GovPress ensures that our client websites are easy to navigate and provide meaningful interactions. This contributes to user engagement and promotes transparency, helping to strengthen the connection between the public sector and the people it serves.

GovPress’s commitment to open-source technology aligns with the values of transparency and collaboration that are vital in public sector operations. Open-source solutions not only offer cost-effective options, but also encourage the sharing and reuse of code and best practices across different organisations. This fosters efficiency and supports continuous improvement.

How we work with wider dxw teams #

Collaboration starts early in the project lifecycle, forming cross-functional teams with experts from design, development, user research, and content strategy teams. So projects benefit from a wide range of skills and perspectives. This results in solutions that are technically robust and user-focused.

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)