Office accessibility

8-9 Hoxton Square, dxw digital London

The dxw digital office in London is at 8-9 Hoxton Square.


The nearest tube and train station is Old Street (Northern Line, National Rail Services). Use the TfL Journey Planner, which will also have up to date information about any service disruptions. Nearest Overground stations are Shoreditch High Street and Hoxton.

Buses: 55, 243, 149, 67.


General notes:

  • No hearing loop
  • No Braille signage except for the lift buttons
  • No step-free access (details below)
  • No wheelchair accessible toilets (details below)

All toilets are gender neutral and have pedal bins. Sanitary products (tampons and pads) are available for free in all the toilets.

Free drinkable water (glasses and cups are available) in both kitchenettes.

There is a quiet room on the first floor. It can be used as a prayer room or lactation room (no materials are provided). There is no lock on the door, but there is a Free/Engaged sign.

There are shared fridges on all the floors.

There is a public park (Hoxton Square) in front of the building.


Inclined step-up from pavement level: a gentle slope 10 cm long, then an approx 57% angled slope 10 cm long; the total height is 7 cm.

Entry phone at 157 cm height.

Largest width of door when open (handle to wall): 99 cm Smallest width of door (frame to door) when open: 89 cm.

The entry door is made of glass, and it opens by pushing.

The corridor is tiled, and leads in a straight line to the Ground floor room.

Ground floor

Front room

Width of door when open (frame to door): 97.5 cm.

The door is a fire door. It is made of wood, and opens by pushing. Someone will be available to unlock the door.

Lip down from corridor: 4 cm height.

The room has a kitchenette area with sink, microwave, kettle, crockery and cutlery.

There is a meeting space partitioned by sliding glass doors. The sliding door rails are 2.5 cm high and 26 cm wide.


One toilet and sink.

Light switch outside, at 135 cm height.

Narrow doors and small space inside: 65 cm from the edge of the toilet to the towel rail, wall to door 153 cm.

Back room

Step down: 14 cm height. There is 1.4 m clearance in front of the step in the main room and 1.9 m in the back room.

The floors on the ground level are laminated wood.

Very little natural light. The lighting is provided by white LED spotlights on ceiling and wall lights, and yellow lightbulb fixures on the ceiling.

2 of the desks are easily adjustable for height. There are ergonomic chairs.


One toilet and sink.

There is one step up, 6 cm high, from the back room.

Light switch outside, at 127 cm height.

One separate shower room, with an additional 6 cm step up, and 3 cm step up to the shower cabin.

There are no support handles or emergency pull cord.

First floor

There are 2 steps up (16 cm and 17 cm respectively) in front of the first floor door, whether you go up by lift or stairs.

The floor surface on the outside corridor is a metal grille. The grille in front of the lift has 2 by 6 cm holes. The grille in front of the door has 2 by 2 cm holes.

By lift

There is an 18 cm high step down from the lift on the first floor landing.

The lift is at the end of the corridor, on the right hand side. It is not a fire lift.

By stairs

One flight of 15 stairs, plus an additional step down (14.5 cm) and one up (9 cm) from the ground floor corridor.

Large room, also known as The Studio

Wooden floors. Lots of natural light.

Currently one ergonomic chair, more are available by request.

Includes a kitchenette area with sink, microwave, kettle, crockery and cutlery.

Small room, known as The Wellbeing Room

The door opens towards the inside. There is no lock on the door. There is a “Free” / “Engaged” sliding sign on the door, at 160 cm height.

Natural and artificial light. The windows have Venetian-style blinds that can be pulled down for privacy.

The main light switch is inside, at 135 cm height. There is also an anglepoise style lamp.

The floors are wooden; there is a thick rug (can be removed if needed).

Sofa, chairs, laptop tables, and a blanket are available. There is a shared yoga mat on the bottom shelf of the cupboard.


One 13 cm high step up from the corridor. Wood door, opens outwards. Light switch outside, at 137 cm height.

Toilet, sink, and bathtub.

There are no support handles or emergency pull cord.