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Claiming expenses

From time to time, some of us spend our own money at work. Most often, this is for things like:

dxw will always pay expenses which are:

Wherever possible, it’s best to check that expenses can be reclaimed before incurring them.

How to claim expenses #

We create expenses using Xero. There’s an Expenses section on the page after you log in where you can see details of your expenses. If you’re claiming for something new, you can go straight to the form.

To create an expense, you add all the receipts related to it to Xero, and submit them together as a claim. If you don’t have receipts, you’ll need to talk to the People team.

The details needed from each receipt #

You’ll need the following details from each receipt to fill in your expenses claim:

Choosing an expense account #

Each item on a receipt needs to be allocated against a specific expense account. This is so that we can tell how much we spend on categories of things. If you have a receipt or invoice with a large number of items that all fit in a single account, it’s fine to total them up and add that as one line.

If you’re not sure what account type to use, please ask. Do not use General Expenses unless there is definitely no other account that is suitable.

Account types #

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)