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IT support and devices

Internal tech support #

If you experience problems with laptops, wi-fi, tools, etc, post a message in the #help-internal-tech-support Slack channel.

Report a lost or stolen device used for work #

Submit an urgent ticket by sending an email to support-emergency@dxw.com stating which work device was lost or stolen and when the incident had occurred.

Our support staff will be immediately notified, at any time of day.

Using a personal device at work #

Most of us use at least one personal device as part of our work, because it’s more convenient than carrying lots of devices around. However, no one is obligated to use a personal device for work. If you need a dxw-provided phone, tablet or other device, please ask for one.

Anyone who does use a personal device must take reasonable care to ensure that it cannot compromise dxw’s security. This includes implementing prudent security measures, being mindful that your personal devices could be targeted as part of an attack on dxw or its clients. For example, you might receive an email to your personal email address designed to trick you into revealing a work-related password.

Exactly what security measures are prudent may vary depending on the device and what you’re using it for. Some good practice examples are:

If you need to use a personal device but cannot take these sorts of measures, you should get permission first.

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)