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Where possible we try to keep a sustainable pace of work and avoid working outside normal hours; occasionally this might not be possible.

How TOIL is calculated #

TOIL (time off in lieu) is awarded when you work over and above your contracted working hours continuously for a period of time or when you attend/travel to an event outside of your contracted working hours. TOIL should be agreed with your delivery lead or line manager ahead of doing the extra work.

We encourage you to use your TOIL within the two weeks of extra work or event attended as it’s meant to be for resting and making up for working at a sustainable pace. We know this may not be feasible in every case so please speak to your Line Manager or a member of the People team if you have any questions.

There are two options of how to use your TOIL, you can calculate the amount of hours you have accrued (i.e. half a day) and take it off at once or take a couple of hours a day spread over a period of time. Planning when you’ll take TOIL is important, particularly if you’re working on a billable project so please speak to your Delivery Lead before doing any overtime and arrange when you’ll be able to take the time back.

Requesting TOIL #

Using BreatheHR similar to the way that you request holiday, there is a TOIL drop down. Go to My dashboard and click the link Log TOIL, fill in the form and click the log TOIL button. Please write a note as to why you are requesting the leave and this will be sent to your line manager for approval. Once approved, your TOIL will be added to your holiday allowance. You should then book leave as normal to have time not working.

Last updated: 11 August 2023 (history)