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Leaving dxw

This guide explains what you can expect, and the actions you may need to take if you decide your time at dxw has come to an end.

First steps #

The first thing you must do is let your line manager know that you’re leaving in writing, by email. Your line manager will then email a copy of your resignation to the People team.

The People team will pick up the offboarding process from here, and guide you through it step by step. They will start by sending you a resignation acceptance letter that will:

What happens next #

The People team will work with you on a plan to communicate that you’re leaving to the rest of dxw. But only if that’s what you want to do; they will be guided by you throughout the process. Departments that will need to be involved throughout your offboarding process include Finance and Workplace Tech.

We value your contributions to dxw, and experiences during your time with us. The People team will send you an optional exit interview form around 2 weeks before your final day, so you can share your feedback, ideas and reflections. The People team would also be happy to have a chat with you on the information you choose to share with us, if you’d find that helpful.

The information you share through this form will be used to guide future decision making and will be shared within the People team. The People team will then feed this back to the Senior Leadership Team on a regular basis as anonymous feedback.

You can choose whether you would like to drop off your laptop at our Leeds office, or have a collection booked to pick it up from your home address at a time that suits you. The People team will let you know if you are able to buy your laptop. This decision will be based on our laptop purchasing policy.

Your final day #

The People team will stay in touch with you right up until your last day, and will let you know any actions that you need to take along the way.

On your final day you will have a 30-minute offboarding meeting with Workplace Tech who will help you to offboard your laptop and any other equipment you have.

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)