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Guides for line managers

Learning and development for your team members #

Part of your work will be to help your team members grow and develop.

Periodically you should check in with people to set and review their goals and objectives. When talking about their plans for growth, have a discussion about training and possible ways to improve or gain new skills. When you agree on those, help them find opportunities or training to reach them.

As an example these are the areas to cover in learning and development plan:

For each of those you could set a short description of the aims, set priority, work out how to achieve it and measure progress.

Keep an eye on and proactively help people think about their L&D allowance. It’s also important to communicate and help team members to make space for using L&D.

Regular conversations with the Head of Practice or a Director focused on teams L&D to help keep track of the progress and proactively looking for ways and opportunities to provide people space and time to develop.

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)