Laptop purchasing policy

This policy has been created to assist employees who are buying dxw-owned laptops. Please note there is no obligation to buy your laptop upon leaving dxw or getting a laptop refresh.

Who is eligible? #

dxw is able to make employee-assigned laptops available to buy if you are leaving us or if you are eligible for a refresh. For a machine to be eligible to buy it must meet the following criteria:

  • the machine must be more than 2 years old, or being refreshed
  • you must have successfully completed your probationary period
  • you must sign a waiver to confirm you accept the machine in its current condition

What is the process for buying laptops? #

If you are interested in buying your machine, a member of the commercial operations team will be able to confirm the purchase dates for you and whether you are eligible to buy. Please give at least two weeks’ notice of your intent to buy. Please note: your machine will still need to be wiped (by you, while on a call with a member of the technical operations team) ahead of the purchase which will erase all data from the machine. It is your responsibility to back up any personal data that you need to keep to another location prior to the machine being wiped.

How is the purchase price calculated? #

We calculate the price of your laptop in the following way:

  • a member of the tech-ops team will factor in the age, specification, and condition of your machine and compare it with the equivalent selling price on an online site
  • the price of the previous 5 machines sold on an online site will be considered and the mean price will be calculated
  • a 20% employee discount is then applied

Warranty and terms of purchase #

If you decide to buy your laptop, please sign the Laptop Purchasing Waiver to say that you agree to accept your laptop in its current condition. Once you assume ownership, any warranties or insurance dxw may hold for the laptop will expire. dxw will not be responsible for any faults or damage that either exist or go on to develop after you buy the laptop.

Who do I speak to for more information? #

If you have any further questions around this policy or if you need help with a specific query, please speak to a member of the commercial operations team who will be able to assist you. Alternatively, if you need help with a technical query, please contact a member of the technical operations team.

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)