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Disciplinary procedure

The process #

If you do something that we feel constitutes misconduct, or your performance in your job has been poor, we’ll talk to you about it. Hopefully, there’s just been some misunderstanding, or some problem that’s easy to solve and won’t recur. Formal action will not be taken without careful investigation of the facts.

If we feel it’s appropriate, we may verbally warn you, explaining what has been unacceptable and what you need to do to improve your conduct or performance.

If your conduct or performance fails to improve following a verbal warning, or if the matter is serious enough that a verbal warning is not appropriate, we may hold a disciplinary meeting at which you may be accompanied or represented by a colleague or trade union official.

Following this meeting, we may:

Appealing the desicion #

If you disagree with the outcome of this hearing, you may appeal against the decision. You must do this in writing. If you do so, your appeal and the circumstances of your case will be reviewed by a member of staff who has not been involved in your case before. That member of staff and the CEO will then meet to discuss your case, and will either uphold the outcome or schedule another disciplinary meeting. dxw’s decision following that meeting will be final.

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)