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Travel and accommodation policy

We are a remote first organisation which means the default position for everyone in the organisation is to work from home.

We understand that although there are many benefits with working from home, lots of you still enjoy coming into the office and meeting in person. If you live within a reasonable distance to one of our offices (Calls Landing, the Lighthouse, or one of our shared Landmark offices) and regularly travel to this space, we class this as commuting.

Commuting costs are your own responsibility but there are times where it is appropriate for dxw to fund your travel and accommodation.

These circumstance may include:

At present, there is no obligation to attend in-person meetings. If you aren’t comfortable attending a meeting you have been asked to join in person, discuss this with your line manager. They can help see if any adjustments can be made to allow you to attend or support you in any conversations you need to have around not attending.

As with all company expenses, please keep in mind that costs should be necessary and proportionate. We rely on everyone to be conscious of the impact of their travel on the environment. If you are able to take public transport, over being driven/driving yourself, please do.

Accommodation will be covered for business-critical events that require overnight stays.

There are guidelines in the Expenses policy that include rates and a list of recommended hotels.

Accommodation should be booked by the individual on a Pleo company debit card or expensed.

Any decision that this policy does not clearly resolve, should be made by the appropriate director.

Changes to this page must be approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Last updated: 30 November 2023 (history)