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Commercial operations at dxw

We facilitate dxw’s commerce, contracting processes, and prioritise salability, profitability and success. This allows dxw to continue its social mission.

Areas of work we’re responsible for include:

Why the commercial team’s work is important #

We work to protect both dxw and its clients from any commercial, financial or legal complications by following industry standards. Our goal is to enable delivery using contract management, and ensure we stay true to our core values so that dxw can continue to continue to create public services that improve lives.

Our contracts and agreements provide reassurance to our clients that the work we are delivering is good value for money for their users.

We work diligently and transparently with our client’s commercial teams, sharing all aspects of the work we do from the procurement process through to the work finishing, project offboarding and the contract ending process.

And we work to mitigate commercial blockers. We do this by spending our time breaking down or summarising policies, regulations or laws and removing any jargon, to make this a more accessible process and provide suitable protection to all involved parties.

Commercial strength gives dxw the freedom to invest in our people and teams and maintain our culture and values.

How we work with the wider dxw team #

Collaborating with colleagues across dxw, we

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