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Commercial operations team principles

We are the team that enables and encourages dxw to achieve its mission(s) and uphold its values.

Things we do #

  1. We deliver the dxw business plan. In particular, we recruit the best people to meet our mission, manage our finances to allow sustainable growth, and track performance of objectives to measure ourselves.
  2. We are the front door for staff and clients. We help, support and enable dxw to meet its mission and uphold its values. We do this by being empathetic and put people over process.
  3. As commercial experts we take the burden away from our delivery teams, and make sure our people, as well as our suppliers get paid, whilst also ensuring our clients pay us on time.
  4. The unit of delivery is always the team, so we ensure staff wellbeing by providing a safe and inclusive environment. We also support our people to thrive in all stages of their careers, ensuring they have chance to continually learn, as well as excellent facilities and the right tools to enable them to succeed in their careers.
  5. We ensure dxw is compliant with all the relevant company and employment regulations, ensuring we have ISO 27001 accreditation, abide by GDPR guidelines and insurance.
  6. Commercial and business operations can be thankless, but to manage expectations we remain resilient and take responsibility for our work by effectively communicating about what we do and why we do it.

Behaviours #

  1. Empathetic to our users / staff / suppliers / clients.
  2. Support each other to support the team.
  3. Commercial accuracy and responsibility.
  4. We are balanced, organised and resilient.
  5. People over process, to maintain our unique, small-company, culture.
  6. We are proud of what we do and are confident enough to talk about it.
  7. We manage expectations by taking responsibility for our work and communicating what we do and why.
  8. We are the company values.

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)