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Daily standups

What are they? #

A short and focused meeting for the team to check in on progress. They shouldn’t last any longer than 15 minutes. Standups help team members keep up-to-date with what others are doing. They are also an opportunity to flag when blockers are in the way, so that Delivery Leads (and others) try and remove them. Aside from what is actually being discussed, standups are also a good opportunity to gauge the mood in the team.

Who should join? #

Everyone on the delivery team should join standups. This includes service owner, product manager, developers, delivery leads, user researchers and other specialists who may be with you for a short time.

What does a good standup cover? #

A typical standup involves each team member answering the same three questions:

Sometimes teams like to take a different approach. This could include walking the wall, where you run through the tickets on your task board (e.g. Trello). For dxw support standups you may run through Open support tickets, check the status of Pending tickets and monitor SLAs.

Getting the most out of standups #

Other tips #

Last updated: 9 May 2023 (history)