Delivery management at dxw

Delivery management principles #

Delivery leads at dxw are guided by these principles.

  1. Maintain diplomacy

    We encourage calmness and patience, we ensure all voices are heard in a fair way and we’re always proactive to get stuff done.

  2. Demonstrate leadership

    We have the autonomy to lead and to say no, we’re responsible for empowering delivery teams to do great things and we coach others to get the best from them.

  3. Show strength & resilience

    We protect the team so they can focus, we remove blockers and distraction and we provide context and see the bigger picture.

  4. Enable, empower & encourage

    We create space for the team to deliver and individuals to thrive, we build up trust with the team, our clients and our stakeholders to support decision making and progress and we’re always supportive and demonstrate positivity, with a focus on delivery.

  5. Prioritise learning & improving

    We actively learn from what we do and take responsibility to ensure that learning feeds back into what we do next and we stand by our ability to facilitate communication and constructive conversation.