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Wrapping up a project

Why is this important? #

We often only work with a client for a short period of time. But they may rely on the things that we deliver long after we have moved on. This applies to work we deliver during Discovery and Alpha (other teams and suppliers may need to build on our work) or Beta and Live (services that we have helped launch will need to be maintained).

Wrapping up a project well also helps us keep a good relationship with people and organisations that we work with. Leaving a client happy makes it more likely that they will want to work with us in future.

Finally, this is also a good opportunity to reflect on how the project has gone as a whole. How successful have we been at achieving the outcomes we wanted to? What do we want to build on or change for future projects?

What do you need to think about? #

Checklist #

Penultimate sprint (or earlier) #

Final sprint #

Final week #

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