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Content design at dxw

Content design means giving the user the information they need, not the information we think they should have. The content team at dxw works across the organisation to make sure that content – from buttons to blog posts – helps users get what they need.

We do this by:

Why the content team’s work is important #

We create content that helps dxw deliver usable, accessible, helpful services.We make sure that we provide the right information and ask the right questions to help users do what they need to.

We think about how people interact with services and what can make those interactions difficult. Things like how much time a user has, what emotional state they’re in, whether they’re using assistive technology, how comfortable they are with English and how words might affect or exclude them.

On projects, we work with clients to translate their specialist knowledge into information that helps users get what they need from services quickly and easily.

The work we do helps dxw create public services that work well for everyone who depends on them.

How the content team works with the wider dxw team #

We work with the wider team at all stages of projects. You’ll find us:

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)