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Our approach to content desgn at dxw

Content design isn’t about checking spelling and grammar or finding new ways to say things. It’s about presenting information in a format that is easy for everyone to find, understand and use.

This is how we approach content design at dxw.

Putting the user first #

Every piece of content should help the user do what they need or want to do.

During discovery, our content designers work with user researchers to find out:

These insights help us make sure that the content is user-centred.

Making decisions based on evidence and research #

We use research and evidence to make decisions about:

We use statistics, feedback, keyword research and interviews to get insight into the people who’ll use our service. We see content as a service and think about its lifecycle and governance.

Making content readable #

Lots of people struggle to read large chunks of text online.

We make it easier for people to read and understand our content by:

Using everyday language #

We want to make services usable and accessible to all - especially those most in need. That means using simple, everyday language and grammar.

We don’t use jargon. If we have to use technical terms, we’ll explain what these mean in simple language.

Making content accessible and inclusive #

We think about the accessibility of the content we create. This means we:

Prototyping with content #

Content is an important part of how we design services.

Content designers work as part of an agile team to come up with sketches and prototypes. These designs use real content, based on insights from user research.

We don’t use filler text.

We keep iterating content based on user testing and feedback throughout all phases of delivering a project.

Last updated: 14 June 2024 (history)