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Service design at dxw

Service designers are often referred to as the glue that helps connect the different human, technical and commercial aspects of the challenges we address.

We’re often helping to identify the right thing to design, so that our teams can design the thing right. So setting strategy, vision and direction are critical to long term-success.

As service designers, we’re not alone in focusing on the value of what we create. But we do bring a balance to how that value supports the organisation as well those who use their services.

We do this by:

Why the service design team’s work is important #

Service design helps to bring a holistic and joined-up perspective to the products and services we design and deliver. The team often finds themselves ‘joining the dots’ between the different perspectives of people and disciplines, with aspects of the project and challenge by bringing form and simplicity to the abstract and complex.

We remind ourselves, and the team, that products do not live on their own, but exist in people’s lives as part of a system. And also in close relation to many other products, tools and experiences that we all have as humans.

How we work with the wider team #

When we’re working with the wider team we:

Finally, we often find ourselves moving between these 3 roles:

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)