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Sales and marketing at dxw

The sales team’s overall goal is to generate a pipeline of new work that’s on mission and provides work for our people. We work with D+, GovPress and Neontribe.

We work towards this goal by:

We use this in our weekly sales meeting where we present to the wider dxw team.

This involves:

We manage the process of bidding for new work, this involves:

  1. preparing for the bid by creating a Slack channel, determining the bid team (in discussion with the Heads Of), outlining key dates and steps to bid and adding the opportunity to the sales forecast.

  2. communicating with the client’s procurement team via portals or emails this includes asking questions to help write the bid.

  3. developing the bid. This typically involves articulating how we’d approach the client’s problems and create value, drafting project approaches and team shapes, creating project budgets, and selecting case studies that show our skills and experience. This is a collaborative process and we build dxw’s sales capability by pairing with delivery colleagues on bid/pitch writing.

  4. preparing the team for pitches sometimes we have the opportunity to present our approach to the client. When this is the case, we finalise who the pitch team are, prepare presentations, and organise practice runs.

We aim to create deliverable, exciting proposals that resonate with client teams and ultimately led to projects that have a positive impact on people who use the services we create.

We communicate the outcome, and handover to delivery teams #

We learn from each bid by collecting feedback from all stages to make continuous improvements and feed into future bids and wider dxw strategy.

We manage sales operations which include #

Last updated: 20 March 2024 (history)